Ontoprise GmbH is founded in 1999 as a spin-off at the Institute of Applied Informatics (AIFB), University of Karlsruhe, Germany. In 2007, ontoprise employs 50 people in Software Development and Research, Sales and Marketing. The Karlsruhe, Germany, based company has established a solid base of customers, partners and research institutions and thus builds a unique network of know-how with regards to semantic technologies.

Ontoprise is the leading provider of semantic technologies and solutions, which support users, business processes and systems at any time with the necessary knowledge. Successful solutions have been developed in areas like semantic search, information integration and service support.

Knowledge is the raw material of the Semantic Web. Ontoprise technologies enable the intelligent processing of this valuable resource. This metaphor is illustrated by a line of software products and services designed around the Semantic Web. The focus lies on contents, not on words. The meaning of concepts, as well as their contexts and relations lies at the heart of the Semantic Web. They define models of knowledge that are called “ontologies”. Ontoprise masters technologies that allow the creation, adaptation and integration of the models into a wide range of applications. Ontoprise products rely on W3C standards and offer a multitude of interfaces to all major commercial IT systems. OntoStudio® is an ontology engineering environment for design, adaptation and import of knowledge models for application systems. Additionally, ontoprise software products allow for the intelligent processing of knowledge models. The inference engine OntoBroker® answers queries about the background knowledge, taking advantage of knowledge models and inference rules. Thus, it creates new knowledge. The added value is delivered in the wide variety of semantic application systems of product partners (e.g. Software AG) and customers (including Audi, Deutsche Telekom, Kuka Robots, Vulcan Inc.).

With these solutions business and knowledge processes are enabled, supported, optimized and automated. The largest obstacle of many applications is their heterogeneity and incompatibility with other systems. Thus, the operating and administration costs increase dramatically with regards to integration and maintenance. Instead of building the integrated enterprise isolated solutions emerge which are not capable to access existing knowledge and structures. Ontoprise’s products enable the integrated enterprise through the intelligent processing and efficient use of knowledge.

Ontoprise has long-term experience with EC projects due to the academic history of its founders and employees and their involvement in several ESPRIT and IST projects. Ontoprise participated in the DOTKOM project (IST-2001-34038) and in the recently finished SEKT project (IST-2003-506826). It is currently involved in the SIMDAT project (IST-2004-511438), in the NeOn project (IST-2005-027595) and in X-Media (FP6-26978).