CEFRIEL, ICT Centre of Excellence for Research, Innovation, Education & industrial Labs partnership, is a unique centre where academic expertise and cutting edge business know-how meet and integrate. CEFRIEL primary objective is to strengthen existing ties between the academic and business worlds for the dynamic ICT sector at national and international levels. CEFRIEL pursues these objectives through leading research activities, innovative services to enterprises, post-graduate master programs, and high-level ICT education to professionals.

Since 1988, CEFRIEL has continuously improved its original mission to act as a link between the needs of Industry and University. Interaction between the two worlds results in cooperative research laboratories whose activities have led to a wide range of innovative software and hardware product and services.

CEFRIEL is organized into twelve ICT technology competence centres covering all information and communications areas of expertise, from microelectronics to software engineering. Moreover, CEFRIEL organization addresses multidisciplinary research and development of innovative services and solutions in crucial application sectors, i.e. eGovernment, ICT for Medicine, Public Protection, Media and Communication, Ambient Intelligence, Environment, Mobility, addressing both technological and project management issues.

Research is a vital component of the centre. Strict integration between research and its field applications is maintained and insisted upon at all times. To ensure the effective exploitation of results, each research lab is composed of CEFRIEL professionals along with researchers from the industrial and academic bodies. CEFRIEL carries out research on pan-European projects and actively contribute to main worldwide standardization bodies.

Moreover, CEFRIEL supports companies in all phases, from definition to realisation of highly complex ICT solutions. The centre undertakes feasibility studies, assesses new technologies, designs pioneering architectures, and develops innovative services. As a centre of excellence, CEFRIEL is able to boost technological and applications skills with management and process competencies. The centre’s activities are carried out within instrumental labs equipped with state-of-the-art tools. In this proactive environment, innovative concepts and ideas can rapidly lead to prototypes, new models, improved software and hardware architectures and fresh solutions for customers from both public and private sectors.