How This Family of Five Benefitted From Orthodontic Treatment

Family of 5 Enjoying Straight TeethWhen folks see members of the Gordon family of Plano, Texas or happen to come across their photos, they never fail to compliment them on their really wonderful smiles… saying it’s amazing how all members of the family have such wonderful teeth.

James Gordon sits back smiling. The father of three kids aged between 14 and 19 says ‘We love it when we get compliments, but we can’t take all the credit for it. While we may have great genes in the sense that we all have wonderfully natural white teeth, the fact is it’s because of Dr Kesa at Service Finder Orthodontics that all of us have perfected our smiles.’

James really understands and appreciates just how important having a beautiful set of teeth actually is. he’s a Doctor who spends a lot of time, everyday with different patients. Wife Sandra is a teacher at a local school who is constantly in touch with students and their parents and also appreciates the importance of a really good smile.

All their kids are top of their class and are involved in all sorts of sports and other extracurricular activities. The two younger kids are in high school and are loving every single moment of it. In fact they really wanted to get braces a couple of years before they actually got them.

They both hated their crooked smiles and wanted to get straighter teeth to feel more confident and at ease when they were amongst their peers.

The oldest kid is at University (Michigan State University if you happen to care) and is looking to major in Marketing.

As he started his orthodontic treatment a little late, he opted to get Invisalign treatment rather than conventional braces. In fact he is almost done with treatment and we can already see the difference. His teeth look absolutely amazing. The reason he started his treatment late was because he didn’t care about getting straight teeth in high school, but as he became more aware and conscious of himself he decided to get Invisalign. As he was a little older when he started treatment, he pretty much followed the orthodontists instructions exactly, hence why he got such great results.

As for the parents, they both opted to get clear braces. James says he had braces when he was a kid but because he failed to wear his retainer afterwards, his teeth went back to their crooked state eventually.

He found it almost impossible to brush and floss his teeth properly when they were crooked and deep down wanted to get them straight again. Once he saw how much of a positive change his kids experienced, he wanted to get braces again!

The good news was that both parents had great dental insurance cover through their employment which meant that pretty much all of their treatment was covered.

They both love their clear braces and rarely hear their friends or family members mention them. In fact a lot of them are surprised that they are even wearing braces because they can be hardly noticed unless you look really carefully. In fact the only way to really notice them would be if they were to grin really wide and show off all their teeth.

Not only is the whole family ecstatic about the transformation that they are experiencing or have experienced… they especially love the professional approach that Service Finder Orthodontics took to get them these results.

Foods That Are Safe to Eat When You’re Going Through Orthodontic Treatment

Food for BracesOf course we all know that one of the main reasons that people go through orthodontic treatment (from places like braces and beautiful faces) in the first place is to create that aesthetically pleasing smile. But you should note that there are other benefits of getting this treatment, the first being it will help to create that perfect bite and straighten out your teeth which will help to prevent things like tooth decay and other issues like gum disease.

But you need to appreciate that orthodontic treatment will only get you positive results if you take care of your braces as they are meant to be cared for. There are certain foods that you are going to want to totally avoid… things like hard candy and sticky toffees, because they will only result in you experiencing damage which will prolong your treatment!

What Kinds of Foods are Good For Those that Have Braces?

Ideally you are going to want to focus on eating those foods that don’t contain excessive amounts of sugar in them, or those that require you having to chew a lot!

If you get up for breakfast then you should opt to eat things like eggs, yogurt, turkey bacon, a bit of toast or some oatmeal. At lunch you might want to put your hands on something soft like a banana rather than something hard like an apple. If you opt for a salad then avoid getting it with nuts…. and for a drink, stick to water as best as you can.

If you’ve just picked up your kids from school and are looking to share some after school snacks then I’d highly recommend that you go for something like baked tortilla chips with some salsa dip.

As for dinner go for something that includes a lot of cooked vegetables. Not only are they great for you, but they will not damage your braces in any way if you cooked them to be really soft.

Well, obviously you’re not going to want to eat just vegetables. Along with them add a piece of lean meat such as chicken. After dinner enjoy a little desert.

The Best Foods To Eat Post Adjustment

Every few weeks you’re going to have to come in to get your braces adjusted. This tightening will inevitably result in your mouth feeling a little sore. Well, during these few days you are going to want to stick to eating really soft foods such as, rice pudding, mash potatoes, soup (any kind), ice cream (any flavor) , soft mushy peas, pasta, spaghetti, and pancakes.

Food You’ll Want to Totally Avoid When You Have Braces

Officially the American Dental Association states that those that wear braces should totally avoid snacking on sugary junk foods, and instead stick to eating healthy and nutritious meals.

You are also going to want to totally avoid eating the following foods because they will do nothing but cause damage to your braces…

1. Tough candies
2. Chewing gum
3. Hard nuts of any kind
4. Popcorn
5. Carrots and other tough raw vegetables

Things to Keep in Mind….

No matter what you happen to eat when you have braces, it is still going to be vitally important that you make sure that you keep your teeth and gums and the cracks between them super clean.

So this ideally means that you are going to want to make sure that you are brushing and flossing your teeth after each and every meal to prevent plaque from building up and causing you issues like gum disease. If you don’t do this while you are going through orthodontic treatment then it’s very likely that your teeth will become discoloured which will only become apparent when your braces come off, and trust me it does not look good at all!

This video explains what you should eat and what you should avoid in a simple and clear way…

Orthodontics For the Whole Family!

Smiling as a Family‘A beautiful smile is the most important thing’ says George Brown, a father of three beautiful children who all have wonderful, aesthetically pleasing smiles.

It’s been just over 12 years since his youngest child finished with his braces at Service Finder Orthodontics with Dr. Jenny Smith.

Well, it turns out that this year George wanted to get his and his wife’s teeth perfectly aligned.

George was so pleased with the results that his kids have achieved with their orthodontic treatment that he wanted to go through the same transformation. He wanted to experience a boost in self confidence and had a feeling that an improved smile would do the trick!

He particularly loves the beautiful smile that his daughter has been able to achieve through orthodontic treatment. He mentions that her smile literally shines everywhere she goes and people can’t stop complimenting it!

George’s eldest son Henry is studying to become a heart surgeon and is loving every moment.

His other son Bob is working towards graduating in Computer Science.

And his daughter Kim, is currently looking to begin her course on the path to becoming a Doctor.

George himself is in commercial real estate, and regularly has to meet up with landlords and tenants and this is one of the reasons why he wants to improve his smile. Making a good first impression is extremely important in this business and in my opinion in any business.

George doesn’t want to feel uncomfortable in his skin, ever because this will put him at a disadvantage. He is constantly meeting high profile landlords and tenants, hence the importance of looking his best at all times.

With George’s kids having already been through treatment, he was extremely comfortable and happy to be dealing with our star orthodontist, Dr Jenny Smith. They are both comfortable in each others presence and share a great sense of humour.

George’s wife also had a few issues that needed to be dealt with and hence the reason why they both decided to get orthodontic treatment done at the same time.

Dr Jenny Smith has said that over the last 30 years of working as an orthodontist she has seen many, many cases where all the kids in a family have needed to go through orthodontic treatment, but rarely would she come across a case where both parents required it too.

What George especially loves about Service Finder Orthodontics is the fact that the staff always work hard to make sure that they are able to make appointments in and around the families busy schedule. Also the staff are always on hand to answer questions in a happy and patient manner.

The team at Service Finder Orthodontics works hard to ensure that it’s patients needs are understood and met as best as possible!

Professional Benefits to Straight Teeth

Career Benefits to Straight TeethJust imagine you’re at a job interview for your dream job and you notice that one of the other candidates has a really beautiful smile and perfectly aligned teeth.

Perhaps you have a decent smile too, but now you’ve seen his perfect teeth you’ve become extremely self conscious and you avoid trying to smile at all during the interview.

Your self confidence has been totally shattered. Of course no job interview in the world is going to admit it, but having a great smile does make a massive difference.

Research done by the American Journal of Orthodontics proves that this is the case.

For this research study, the people in HR were given a bunch of photos from different potential job candidates. This is where having a perfect smile can give you that edge over other candidates.

The reality is that most adults are not happy with their smiles. Again research has suggested that an individual with a perfect smile was thought to be a lot smarter and therefore had a higher likelihood of finding a good job compared to those that had crooked teeth.

Aside from the fact that straight teeth are more aesthetically pleasing, there are other benefits too. The first is that straight teeth will make it a lot harder for food to get stuck between teeth which means that they will be a lot easier to clean and therefore the chances of you experiencing issues like gum disease and tooth decay are fairly slim.

Of course this doesn’t at all mean that you aren’t going to have to visit your dentist anymore it just means that your chances of experiencing problems will be drastically lowered. Straight teeth also give you the advantage of having teeth and jaws that work optimally. Crooked teeth often do result in you experiencing issues like jaw pain, headaches, and neck pain.

Not only will having that gorgeous smile make you a lot more appealing in the eyes of other people, but it will help to radically boost up your confidence and self esteem.

When you know that you have a perfect set of teeth that look really good, you will naturally want to smile more and this will make other people want to smile more too! This sole factor could be the very reason you’re able to secure your next job with ease.

It really is never to late to get on board and get your teeth fixed to perfection. At Service Finder Orthodontics we literally have patients ranging from the ages of 5 all the way to 80!

Specific Things I Should Ask at My First Orthodontic Consultation?

Orthodontic ConsultationIf you’ve got crooked teeth and you’ve just had enough of looking in the mirror and seeing that god awful grin then perhaps its time that you pop into Service Finder Orthodontics for your free consultation.

It is at this first meeting that you’ll be introduced to one of the best orthodontists in the country, who will patiently listen to all your worries and problems and take the time to answer each and every question that you might have.

The orthodontist that you see will take some photo’s, examine your teeth thoroughly, take some x-rays and then discuss in detail all the different treatment options that are available to you, and which ones would be best suited for your particular circumstances.

When new patients come through our doors for their first consultation, here are some of the most common questions that we get.

Q) What’s the process that I’ll have to go through in order to get a beautiful smile?
Q) How long will the entire treatment process take?
Q) Are braces uncomfortable?
Q) How often am I going to have to come back to the office and can I make appointments whenever I want?
Q) How much is the entire treatment going to cost?
Q) How much of the total cost will be covered by my insurance and do you offer payment plans for the remainder?

You really don’t need to worry, because no matter how many questions you have, we will patiently answer them all to your satisfaction when you come down for a visit to the office. The first step is booking a consultation meeting with an orthodontist at our office.

On top of that you’ll always have access to our website here where you’ll be able to browse through the articles that we’ve written and look at the before and after pictures, to get an idea of the results we’re able to get for each one of our wonderful patients.

Every single team member at Service Finder Orthodontics is more than happy to answer all your questions and if you want we can go over each aspect of your treatment plan over and over again until you are completely satisfied. Our goal is to get you that beautiful smile that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life!

We have been in the business for many decades now, and I can tell you right now that we are really great at what we do and you better believe that you’ll walk away with a smile that will be the envy of everyone that you meet!

Here is a nice little video showing you what you can expect when you visit your orthodontist for the first time… great for all those that are a little nervous…